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Jul 04


By Jessica Thompson | Business , Fashion Styles


Imagine that in front of your office you run into a colleague in a tiger striped underwear and white sleeveless shirt or in a blazer with glitter. Impossible? Disgusting? Disturbing?
Don’t be so surprised, this is just a joke, but let’s be honest – don’t we all have that one colleague that shows up at work in a weird combination of clothes and shoes, and just make our day funny?
Well, don’t be one of those coworkers. Be creative, and if you are not sure what to wear and how – ask for an opinion of a professionalist.
Here’re a few tips from us.


adjoint-administratifMake a list of what it takes to look as a professionalist in your workplace. Build your business image that will help you to build your career.
Main rules are – dark colors, good quality, and natural material, without sparkling details, shine, and glitter. If you want to be straight business person – choose „T“ which means blazer and bottoms (or a skirt) in the same color, and a shirt in some other color. The second choice is „I“ where pants or skirt and shirt are in the same color, but the blazer is in the other one.


Nowadays, you can see everything marked as a business style. Especially in summer time, when temperatures are high and imagination easy to set free. From light shirts to jewelry that is made only for a scene, over mini skirts two sizes smaller than needed. And the hair! White bones with a hair length to shoulders, in all shapes, and underneath it two hard layers of makeup, which still didn’t cover mustaches. And the nails … Artificial, fat and heavy layered, stuck to the finger and sometimes even covered with flowers.
That’s why we need „Dress code“.

So, to avoid weird attention, follow some basic rules. You always must have in your closet: white shirt, classic pants, a skirt of a proper length, and a blazer. Colors are also very important. The red one is aggressive, dark blue is a trust, gray is conservative and black is a chick. Most of these colors look good combined with suits, skirts, and shoes. Huge jewelry is also inappropriate. Make sure your hair and hands always look great.


4In this case, we are free to say that „A suit does make a man/woman“. In case you „want to sell your story“ to the business market, you need to pack your story in a „hight quality package“ which is, in this case – your body, your clothes, your style, your makeup, your hair, your shoes. It all needs to say – I am a self – confident person! Our dress code does leave a huge impact on people we meet, whether in business or personal life. So make sure you are dressed the best you can be. What you wear is a part of your personality.

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